Introducing an incredible innovation in better sleep. Restonic @Rest has been designed to provide cooler, more comfortable, motion free sleep.

Restonic’s @Rest collection creates an optimum sleeping temperature by combining the science of Gel infused memory foam and Outlast Technology for a cool and refreshing night’s sleep.

Restonic’s visco memory foam reacts to your body temperature and conforms to its shape.  The cushioning is incredibly resilient, supportive, andcomfortable, posessing all the ingredients of an extra-special night’s sleep.

Restonic’s exclusive Thermocule memory foam is designed with an open-cell construction for the best heat dissipation in the industry, eliminating temperature control issues.  Thermocule allows air to ventilate the visco.

The technology in the Gel Infused memory foam allows forbetter movement by the sleeper while still completely eliminating disturbances from partner movement. @Rest features a Gel Infused memory foam technology the provides a breathable sleep surface and a cooler nights sleep.



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