Stearns & Foster has been making mattresses of exceptional quality since 1846. It is America’s oldest mattress manufacturer, and many would agree that it is America’s finest. The legendary Stearns & Foster innerspring mattresses are luxurious, using contemporary comfort materials with the best coil springs used in any innerspring sleep set.

Why Stearns & Foster?
When you lie on this bed, we think you will love it. We also know it’s the best looking bed you have ever seen. Plus we used the finest materials available to create the best mattress in the industry. It’s easy to fall in love with the new Stearns & Foster Estate.



Exclusivstearne IntelliCoil ® for Optimal Comfort

Our IntelliCoil has a coil-inside-a-coil design that functions as two coils in one. The outer coil gently cradles you, while the inner coil provides the essential deep down spinal support your body craves. We aim to give you a great night’s sleep and a pain-free morning.



Divinely Indstearnulgent Sleep Surface

Working in tandem with our IntelliCoil design, our new proprietary cushioning materials (called Variable Response Technology®) give you relief where you feel the most pressure while you sleep: on your shoulders, hips and knees. No more tingly hands. No more painful backaches in the morning.



stearnQuality Materials & Craftsmanship

Our quality ensures that our cushioning materials retain their properties over time. Our coils are twice-tempered so they will retain their shape over the course of their lifetime. We strive for perfection.




Luxurious Details That Set The Estate stearnInnerspring Apart

Our fabric is made with the finest spun viscose yarns and infused with cashmere for an extra soft touch. Our tufted borders proudly display the embroidered Stearns & Foster emblem. These are just a few of the many upgrades.



Alwaystearns A Choice of Comfort
The Stearns & Foster Estate is available in:
Luxury Firm, Luxury Plush, Luxury Firm Euro Pillowtop, Luxury Plush Euro Pillowtop and Ultra Firm

Indulge yourself!



Heights Thstearnat Fit Your Sheets

Mattresses are available from 13.5 inches in height to 16.75 inches in height. Coordinating boxsprings are available from 5 inches in height to 9 inches.